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Our Badminton Coach in Singapore: Crafting Champions on the Court

Our Mission in Badminton Coaching

Our mission is always to do the right thing in training, such as badminton coaching. We spend more time figuring out every single student’s weakness and correcting it. If we dig deep into every student’s basic skills, we will find out what is not right and change it to improve. A good badminton coach should do this: not just say the students cannot make it or are not serious in training.

No Assistant Badminton Coach

Our coach also insists on not hiring any Assistant Coach. Why? “Trust me, every coach is different, and the assistant coach’s lack of experience will confuse the students.” So he conducts all his badminton classes for his students. Our students constantly improve and play better than others.

Badminton Class Size Calculation

If there are 4 students with 1 coach in a class training for 2 hours, each student can only get 30 minutes of exercise. Based on our head coach’s experience, more is needed. In a 2-hour badminton class, excluding warm-up time, students must do footwork and shadow swing racket for 30 minutes. 

This leaves them only 90 minutes left, meaning each student gets only 20 minutes of coaching. Can they learn? What if the class is over 4 students? Some parents might understand this. This is why he prefers 4 or fewer students in one lesson.

Train 6 Months But Slow Improvement

Some parents might complain, “My kids have already learned for 6 months, but we see no improvements.” The answer, as you can see from the above badminton class size calculation from our head coach, is that in most sports schools, every athlete has to train for at least 8 hours a day. 

They will do their studies in the evening. So if you compare a sports school student’s 1-day training to 6 months of leisure badminton class,

Expensive Training Fees But Learned Nothing

If their child falls into this type of class or badminton coach, parents have to decide. Either they let their child just exercise and sweat out, or they want their kid to learn the proper basic foundation because the kids really like badminton. They have to stop and find an alternative solution. 

We mention all this without saying you must join our academy. We are the best, but NO. As our badminton coach, a one-person coach can only take some things. This is to help parents understand more; this can significantly help the kids if they really like badminton. 

Let Our Children Learn More

Education and exam results are very important in Singapore. This is why our Badminton Coach, insists on having only four students or fewer in a class, depending on the student’s current situation. He will let his students learn more in just two hours of lessons. 

He will not make any exceptions, even if parents are willing to pay double fees. Many parents may be aware of this.

A Good Badminton Coach’s Behavior

Coach always believes that a good badminton coach should only sometimes consider how much money he can make. He should think about how his students can benefit from his experience.  

He should also share his skills with his students as much as possible. Ensure that all the slower students at the end of the course can master all the badminton skills. If they want to join the school badminton, he will put more effort into helping them achieve.

A medal is Not as Important As a Coach’s Effort

A good badminton coach is not about how many medals you get. It is about how much effort and time you will spend on your students.” Why? The medal has passed and is over; coaching is your new journey as a badminton coach. New achievements between you and your students are waiting for you. A heavier responsibility is waiting for you in front of your life. Work hard. 

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